Robby Bourlas-CEO Public Group | “Public Group is creating the OmniRetail of the future for customers”

Starting with iRepair, which it partnered with to create a wide network in the field of repairing and then remanufacturing devices, Public Group started by introducing its own innovation ecosystem, which it then strengthened with new investments.

In an interview with THETOTALBUSINESS, the CEO of Public Group, Robby Bourlas, refers to the role played by Public Capital Partners in the field of innovation. The investment body started with funds of 20 million euros, which it used up and is expected to soon use new funds intended for new investments.

He also made a new investment in the sector and in particular in the company SVUUM, with the aim of developing the most customer-centric and innovative “Hand to Hand Delivery” in Greece. The investment is implemented by the investment arm Public Capital Partners. In the placements of the investment arm of the group, Lockers was also in cooperation with Emma Capital (known by OPAP), with placement in Box Now, in the context of investments it has made recently in the last mile, while in its placements it is also in multinational e-commerce company, Klarna.

The next steps are to invest in the field of AI, with the ultimate goal of exploiting the data that constitutes the future worldwide.

Watch the full interview with the CEO of Public Group: